Speaking Engagements + Corporate Perks

Are you ready to empower your members to get noticed and level up their personal brand? Are you looking for a way to help your team or employees better represent your company’s brand image and be more relatable to clients?

I offer quarterly, monthly, and one-time events on various personal branding topics.

Impactful Brand Story

How to craft the perfect brand story and attract more opportunities.

Brand Statement

6 simple steps to crafting a high value proposition brand statement.

Branding Your Beauty

How to enhance your natural beauty to project the right image.

Money Moves

4 steps that will take you from wasting time to increasing your bottom line.

CEO Convo Over Coffee or Cocktail?

Ever Googled “personal branding” and realized you didn’t know where to start? Information overload, I know! The CEO Convo™ is an open conversation over coffee or cocktails, where attendees can ask their specific personal branding questions and get them answered. I love teaching entrepreneurs how to take their personal brand from “Hustler to CEO” status.

To get the ball rolling let me first ask you some questions so I can better understand your needs.


“Bailey Sessoms is dazzling. She’s personable, professional, and a personal image authority of the highest caliber.”

 Denee Davis
Event Coordinator @ Lord & Taylor


“Bailey offered so many “valuable nuggets” during our Fashionable Business Workshop Series. She brings the perfect mix of expertise, teaching skills, and witty humor that every event manager envisions getting from a speaker.”

 Christine Brooks-Cropper
Founder & President of DCFI @ Macy’s