With 20+ years as a professional makeup artist, beauty columnist, and lifestyle writer, I’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of clients, partner with notable brands, and share my expertise with thousands of women, showing them how to improve their look.

Offering a variety of services from makeup application to makeup lessons, workshops to beauty events, and everything in between. I’ve spent decades helping women from various ethnic backgrounds, create a look that enhanced their natural beauty.

Now my focus is educating womenpreneurs and single women on how to create an authentic personal brand so they can gain more professional and personal opportunities.


I’ve written countless articles as a style producer and beauty columnist for prominent brands. I’ve been a featured expert on news shows and in publications such as The New York Daily News, Daily Worth, and The Washington Post. But motherhood, followed by bouts of poor health, forced me to rethink my business.

I had to come up with alternative ways to leverage my years-upon-years of experience. After several years of trying to figure out a new game plan, I realized I loved speaking and teaching about defining your personal brand more than simply providing the services itself.

I’ve learned that living an authentic life and being my authentic self is everything. Not only in business, but also when it comes to developing a personal brand. There is one thing I know for sure: This can only be done via self-exploration, not by following the latest trends.

I have a degree in interior design, I can lay floors, build shelves, the list goes on. Even been on the DIY Network.

I’ve written 3 books. My latest book The Beauty Diary is my favorite.

I may be the brains behind the operation, but this “Chief Kid Officer” sometimes calls the shots.

3 operations left me with 7 scars. They’re beautiful reminders that I’m still here. Yes, God is good!