Photo: Jacqui Depas Schlosser
let me introduce myself…

I develop signature seminars and how-to workshops that educate women entrepreneurs and professional women on how to define their own beauty standard in order to create an authentic personal brand.

I’m a makeup artist, author, speaker and educator armed with the skills to help improve your self-image so you can grow your professional network and gain more professional opportunities.

Do you want to align what people think about you with the message you want to convey?

let’s make it happen!

hey! no matter what…let’s keep it 100.

There is no doubt that these qualities set me apart from the pack

Years upon years of experience

Over the past 20 years I’ve written countless articles as a style producer and beauty columnist for prominent brands. I’ve been a featured expert on news shows and publications such as The New York Daily News, Daily Worth, and The Washington Post. My new book The Beauty Diary gives you access to some proven beauty techniques I’ve honed along the way.

My ‘Keeping it Real’ approach

My obligation is to bring you the best of what I’ve learned (and learning), and to always keep it 100. I never act like I have all the answers. But you should expect some sassy “Oh no she didn’t” truth and laughs along the way. So if you’re ultra-sensitive, you probably won’t appreciate my real take on makeup and how it relates to your personal brand.

Authenticity is key

Authenticity is everything. Not only in your business, but also when it comes to developing your personal brand. When you decide to work with me you will learn how to authentically brand your beauty via self-exploration (not by learning the latest trends). Through this you will be able to create an inspiring vision that accurately defines and reflects you.