Pain + Passion = Profit

Being called “bazooka lips,” “big foot,” and “chicken legs” growing up, I learned early how your image determines how others view and treat you. As an entrepreneur with 20 years of “skin in the game,” I took others’ negative energy and transformed it into something beautiful, with a successful beauty brand.

The same applies when building a personal brand. Point out the elephant in the room and own what’s unique about you! Then take what you don’t like about your industry and change it by offering something better.

That’s how you define, level-up, and build an impactful personal brand. This is my approach when working with multimillion-dollar CEOs to side-hustle entrepreneurs.

Being authentic is everything. This can only be done by self-exploration, not by having a herd mentality.

4 Quirky Facts

About me you never would’ve guessed…


I have a degree in interior design from Howard University, I can lay floors, build shelves, the list goes on. I’ve even been on the DIY Network.


I’ve written 3 books. My latest book The Beauty Diary is my favorite.


I may be the brains behind the operation, but this “Chief Kid Officer” sometimes calls the shots.


3 operations left me with 7 scars. They’re beautiful reminders that I’m still here. Yes, God is good!