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The National Charter Schools Conference

The Client

Socium Power Consultants is a design firm that utilizes drone technology, and photogrammetry, to assist companies with all phases of the project life cycle by capturing project data then converting that information into a format that provides greater detail, which aids in project planning, monitoring and project close out.

Work Together

Challenge + Need

Having previously engaged a designer through an online platform without achieving satisfactory results, Socium Power sought a fresh logo and website design that accurately represented the caliber of their clientele.


Creative Process

Project Role

Art Direction, Designer

Project Timeline

30 Days

Design Applications

Photoshop, WordPress


Design Medium


Scope of Services

  • No current brand guidelines
  • New logo
  • New website design
  • Use client’s content and review for clarity and grammatical errors
  • Two Rounds of revisions
  • Commercial Use

Project Management

I initiated an initial client consultation to comprehend their requirements and business goals. Through this, I obtained valuable information about their preferred colors and style that resonated with their industry. With the client granting me full creative authority over the logo and website, I proposed a single logo concept that received immediate approval. Subsequently, we transitioned to crafting the website design. The client provided final edits with no requests for further design revisions.

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Socium Power Consultants

The Results


“We appreciate the time taken to understand our business and our purpose, which certainly led to a better end-product. Bailey was incredibly open to suggestions and did not force any preset designs. I am glad we decided to work with her. Your expertise and experience helped us land a logo, color scheme, and website format that we want to convey to our clients. It’s professional and clean.”



Client Satisfaction


Delvery Deadline